Why Leaders Need to be Coaches?

wm consulting - Why Leaders Need to be Coaches?

In this webinar, we explore current workplace trends that show how a coaching approach to leadership is still the best way to develop high performing teams of the future.

It’s a pivotal time for leaders, with the complexity and change in organisations to use coaching as an effective tool to develop talent.

In this session, we will cover:

  • The essentials for building fundamental coaching skills for peak organisational performance
  • How leaders can get better at coaching so they can build performance in the face of rapid change in the world of business
  • What can we learn from neuroscience to build trusting relationships and empower employees?
  • How leaders can develop a Growth Mindset through coaching to enable business performance through people performance.

About Ban Weston

Ban specialises in enterprise-level performance transformation, leadership strategy and development. Ban is an executive coach and works across multiple industries in APAC and the US.

Ban’s passion is for inspirational leadership, strategy execution and people development.