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The Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI)

The HBDI measures the thinking preferences and styles of individuals and teams. The Whole Brain® thinking is a powerful profiling tool to measure and harness cognitive diversity of individuals, teams, and organisations

The way individuals think, guide how they work. The way groups of individuals think, guide how the teams they form work. The way groups of teams think and work can make or break the success of the organisation.

The success of an organisation depends on the ability of its leadership team to drive communication, innovation, and productivity within and across functions. In our experience of working with high performing organisations, we’ve found that understanding and applying diversity of thought is the key to strategic success.

Whole Brain thinking acknowledges that while different tasks require different mental processes, and different people prefer different styles of thinking, organisations will get better results when they can strategically harness the diversity of thinking available – analytical, organisational, strategic and interpersonal (the four quadrants).

By applying Whole Brain Thinking, people and teams can learn to leverage their thinking preferences more actively and think and act outside their preferences when necessary.

What is whole brain thinking?

We all think differently …

Some of us like facts while others prefer ideas. Some of us trust systems while others place their faith in feelings. This is ‘Cognitive Diversity’. It is the key to decoding the way your team thinks, improving how they work together, and amplifying what they accomplish.

Take a closer look at your thinking.

Whole Brain® Thinking will change how you view your own thinking preferences and show how you can relate more effectively to those around you. HBDI shows you how to communicate both with people who think the same as you and those who think differently.

Because thinking influences everything you do, you must understand your thinking to apply it for better productivity, communication, collaboration and innovation.

Whole brain thinking model

Who is HBDI for?

We recommend the HBDI for:

  • Leaders
  • Teams (any team)
  • Sales teams
  • Customer Service teams
  • Consultants
The HBDI tool, is non-judgmental and helps team members discuss their behavioural differences. It is a useful tool for improving teamwork and communication.

What is ignite the whole brain thinking program?

This program is designed for teams including executive teams, leadership teams, sales teams, customer service teams and project teams.

Program Objectives and Outcomes

  • Build self-awareness through their profile and thinking preferences. Understand the impact of their preferences on team dynamics and effectiveness
  • Build a balanced group think, so they can collaborate and execute faster and more effectively
  • Understand the impact of changes in their thinking styles when “under pressure” situations and impact on relationships and business outcomes
  • Use data and insights gleaned from the HBDI profiles, to determine gaps in thinking preferences and identify resources to bring into balance the group’s thinking for better results
  • Motivate and build high performance by giving diverse team members a common language
  • Introduce an easy to apply communication tool to improve communication across the entire team using the Whole Brain Thinking Preferences
  • Communication is action. Whenever we speak, instruct, coach, sell, etc., our aim is to influence the thoughts, beliefs or behaviours of the audience (clients, stakeholders, team members, manager)
  • Understand ones’ thinking bias, and being able to shift the thinking and communication style to meet the requirements of the moment and the relationship. This is key to building emotional intelligence.

Using the HBDI profiles will help individuals and teams to:

  • Increase self-knowledge/awareness: how we respond to conflict, what motivates us, what causes us stress and how we solve problems
  • Learn how to adapt our own style to get along better with others
  • Foster constructive and creative group interactions
  • Facilitate better teamwork and minimize team conflict
  • Manage more effectively by understanding the dispositions and priorities of employees
  • Structure effective communication to appeal to a diverse audience.

What is ignite the whole brain thinking for sales teams program?

The Art of Clienteling Program

This program is two days in duration and focuses on elevating the sales capabilities to the next level, to better connect and build relationships with clients. The team are coached on how to recognise the client’s style of thinking, decision making and how to best communicate in ways that would appeal to their buying preference. This program is highly practical and interactive as participants engage in a number of skills practice scenarios by emulating client situations.

When we apply the HBDI to Sales teams, we look at the cognitive diversity within the sales group, and examine if the group preferences are keeping them from taking advantage of the brainpower available to them. So, for example, if they have strong collective presences for ‘left brain’ quadrant thinking, they may be discouraging a sales person with a strong ‘right brain’ preference from exploring new approaches – and they may be losing out on significant opportunities as a result.

Therefore, we work with Sales leaders and teams to recognise the need for the broader perspective in teams, and effectively bring together differing points of view by embracing the power of differences, to create the competitive advantage for the business in the long term.

Using a sales process and methodology based on the HBDI model, we hone in on the skills of preparation, probing, pitching, objection handling and closing the sale for impactful results.