Organisational Development

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Tools and Processes for High Performance

HR Management Services and Talent Strategy

We collaborate with you to develop and implement HR and talent strategies that increase efficiency and align with your organisational goals, creating a performance-focused culture.

Capability Development Frameworks

Our work in the capability development space extends beyond the creation of a high-performance capability framework. We collaborate closely with organisations to ensure that their capability framework not only aligns with their strategic objectives but also becomes an integral part of the employee life cycle. By doing so, we establish a solid foundation for fostering a culture of high performance that is aligned with the organisation’s goals.

Annual Performance Management

We develop a customised annual performance review process, incorporating behavioural indicators from our capability frameworks. By shifting focus away from ratings, we foster a positive and growth-oriented performance culture.

One-to-one Discussion Process and Templates

Regular feedback is essential for growth. Our unique one-to-one growth discussion process and easy-to-use templates encourage consistent and constructive dialogue, helping employees see their contributions to your organisation’s success.

"We engaged Ban Weston (wm consulting) as a strategic practice to assist with implementing a new performance and development system, a leadership program and a Coaching process at The University of Sydney whilst I was the HR Director there.

She quickly grasped the concepts and aims of the project and had excellent interpersonal, client engagement and Project Management skills. Her extensive background experience in the OD and HR Consulting fields assisted her to fully meet and exceed our demanding and differing internal client expectations in this large and complex institution. I recommend Ban highly."
HR Director
Sydney University

Learning & Development Frameworks and Activities

Our tailored development programs and resource materials support continuous learning, improving workforce adaptability and proficiency. Our guides, based on the organisation’s capability framework, empower leaders and staff to plan for performance improvement.

Agile Resourcing & Recruitment

We’ll assist you in creating flexible resourcing and recruitment strategies that ensure you attract and retain talent that fits your organisational needs and contributes to achieving your goals.

Talent Management

We collaborate with you to establish a talent management strategy that attracts, develops, and retains top talent, facilitating the achievement of your strategic objectives.

Succession Planning Support:

We’ll guide you in preparing future leaders with custom-tailored programs, accelerated development initiatives, and supportive structures such as coaching, mentoring, and sponsorship programs.

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