Adversity Quotient (AQ)

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What is Adversity Quotient (AQ) & how will it help your company

As the world becomes increasingly uncertain, complex, chaotic and demanding, making measurable gains in how we navigate in these circumstances is the only sustainable edge at work and in life.

As the business world will testify, markets are becoming increasingly more competitive, customers are becoming more and more demanding and conditions to succeed are becoming tougher.  The way in which we respond to these challenges or adversities is of paramount importance to our success. The defining moment for an individual is how they respond when faced with adversity.

This highly customized, engaging, application-rich session will equip you to fundamentally and permanently strengthen how you relate to adversity. The AQ programme includes a 1-day workshop, and pre AQ assessment for each individual.

Adversity Quotient ® or AQ is a scientifically grounded theory that describes, measures and strengthens the way in which participants respond to the full range of adversities that comprise a typical day. This program forms a key part of our range of leadership courses.

Increasing the quality of this response is the essence of AQ.

Who is AQ designed for?

  • CEOs
  • Leaders
  • Teams
  • Individuals

Building Resilience Program

Key areas of focus in the workshop

  • Participants recognise the role their AQ plays in all facets of their personal and professional success
  • Review and explore their own AQ profile – what does it mean?
  • Use CORE to strengthen their AQ
  • Employ the LEAD Sequence™ to generate greater accountability, productivity, performance and results
  • Generate a greater energy and optimism in the face of adversity
  • Through the aggregated scores understand how resilient the team is and how their CORE is represented

Key outcomes

  • Use adversity and challenges to create unprecedented gains
  • Recognise the role your AQ (Adversity Quotient) plays in all facets of your personal and professional success
  • Measure and graph your own AQ
  • Gauge your team’s current and ideal level of resilience
  • Use your CORE to strengthen your AQ and overall personal leadership
  • Employ the LEAD Sequence™ to generate greater accountability, productivity, performance, and results
  • Accelerate change and innovation and enjoy greater energy, optimism, and hardiness
  • Use AQ tools to strengthen key relationships
  • Immediately strengthen communication, delegation, and problem solving