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How to Lead Yourself, Your People and Your Organisation for Extraordinary Results

wm consulting coaching philosophy is based on the ‘scientist – practitioner’ model of professional coaching practice. We draw on the successful integration of science and practice established in the behavioural and cognitive sciences.

Executive coaching is a leadership development intervention. One of the most powerful things about coaching is that it works at the level of the individual. It is a confidential process, allowing the coachee to set specific goals in order to gain new perspective in self-awareness, emotional intelligence and effectiveness. Each executive coaching program is unique and is designed to the individual needs of the coachee and the capabilities they want to develop.

Our experience in the area of Executive Coaching shows that with a good understanding of how leaders relate to others in the work environment and their style of leadership, they can adjust their behaviour to be more effective in leading teams and delivering business results. By understanding their vulnerabilities, they can improve their self-control, and by understanding their thought patterns and behaviours, they can learn how to manage them and reach desired goals.

Our coaching approach is about Creating Positive Directed Change. It is about developing strong leadership and finding ways to work in a more productive and satisfying way. It is about setting and reaching goals and being aware of what is important to the person we are coaching.

Whether it’s one-on-one or team coaching, our style is practical, innovative and results driven, ensuring individuals are setting and reaching goals that are critical to their personal success and that of the organisation.

We strive to develop individuals’ full potential, enabling them, to work in a more productive and satisfying way.

"The coaching I received by wm consulting was invaluable. It was a real opportunity to reflect and understand the way that I have been operating.

I learnt so much about myself, recognising and capitalising on my strengths was just as useful as reflecting on how I can be more effective as a leader.. Ban Weston was great at steering me in the right direction in a very skillful way. She is confident and an inspiration. The coaching was a life changing experience for me at a professional and personal level."
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What we will help you with

  • Unlock a deeper understanding of your strengths, limitations, capabilities, values, and motives to see yourself in a new light. Cultivate resilience and self-awareness to navigate through your professional journey.
  • Improve your ability to perceive others and evaluate their strengths and limitations accurately, fostering stronger team dynamics.
  • Master the art of guiding your team through change and uncertainty, transforming challenges into opportunities.
  • Develop an influential executive presence and a new found confidence that resonates with your team and aligns with your authentic leadership style.
  • Embrace leadership styles that foster constructive and effective relationships at all levels in the organisation with impact.
  • Carve out your unique professional identity, a brand that aligns with your personal values and professional ambitions.
  • Cultivate emotional intelligence to foster a leadership style that truly resonates and inspires.
  • Learn effective strategies to manage anxiety and navigate disruptive emotions, enhancing your leadership effectiveness.
  • Hone your communication skills to have a powerful impact, resonate with your team and stakeholders, and set the direction for success.
  • Equip yourself with tools and strategies to navigate complex relationships and challenging situations with ease and confidence.

Cultivate a Trustworthy Environment

Your thoughts and feelings will be heard in an open, transparent, and objective space, free from judgement or prejudice.

Nurture Self-Awareness and Build Confidence

We'll help you understand your strengths, work on your growth opportunities, and foster the kind of self-confidence that drives achievement and success.

Establish Productive, Long-term Relationships

Let's build a foundation of mutual trust, helping you foster relationships that endure within your team and with your clients.

Harness Your Passion & Energy

Align your work with your values, maintain your focus, and learn to eliminate unnecessary distractions.

Strive for Excellence

We'll work together to continually improve and consistently deliver high-quality outcomes.

Encourage Innovative Thinking

Learn to challenge the status quo and develop creative, breakthrough ideas for the benefit of your team and organisation.

Realise Your Goals

Gain clarity in your professional aspirations, set achievable goals, and learn the strategies to realise them.

Utilise Your Inherent Strengths

Discover and leverage your existing strengths, creating a more effective and successful leadership style.

Acquire Enduring Skills

Develop practical, long-term skills that will continue to benefit your leadership abilities even outside of coaching sessions.

Our Coaching Offerings

Individual Coaching

Our Individual Coaching offers a highly focused development experience. By working closely with a coach, you can explore your specific goals and challenges in a confidential and trusted space. This method allows for deep self-reflection and growth, enabling you to build stronger capabilities, self-confidence, and emotional intelligence.

Team Coaching

Our Team Coaching aims at enhancing the effectiveness and cohesion of your business units, departments, or project teams. By utilising various profiling tools, we gain insights into the group’s dynamics, styles, and culture. This data-driven approach allows us to craft programs that uplift your team’s collaboration and performance.

Mentoring Programs

Our Mentoring Programs are tailored to meet your organisation’s unique needs, offering a platform for knowledge sharing and skill development. Mentees gain new perspectives and strategies for career advancement, while mentors can utilise their vast experience to help unlock the mentees’ potential.

Psychometric Profiling and 360-Degree Feedback

Our coaching and leadership development programs frequently use psychometric profiling tools, including 360-degree feedback, to provide an accurate understanding of individual capabilities and behaviours. Self-awareness is the key to adult development, and we offer the tools and expertise to provide objective, multi-perspective information to guide your professional development.


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