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Leadership Development

wm consulting specialises in designing and delivering exceptional, bespoke leadership programs in Australia and overseas.

Our unwavering commitment lies in empowering your leaders to reach their highest potential, creating a powerful ripple and stickability effect that positively impacts your workforce, culture, and overall organisational outcomes.

We take pride in employing practical, innovative, and scientifically proven content and tools to elevate essential leadership capabilities required for navigating the dynamic challenges of the modern business landscape.


Our Approach

At the heart of our philosophy lies the belief that driving change necessitates fostering awareness, and we firmly advocate an approach that allows leaders the space to gain self-understanding first.

We prioritise cultivating emotional intelligence in leaders as the foundation for effective leadership. Our approach involves exposing leaders to valuable tools such as the Lifestyle Inventory (LSI) and Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) to gather insights into their leadership styles and emotional intelligence.

Through these measurements, leaders gain a deeper understanding of what makes them effective and the areas they can improve upon. This knowledge is then seamlessly integrated into our leadership programs, where practical exercises, tools and skills practice consolidate their skills development, confidence and leadership abilities.

Our mission is to empower leaders with the emotional intelligence and skills needed to excel and become inspiring leaders.

"The leadership Program delivered by wm consulting was the first of its kind for our organisation.

I believe that the Program had real benefits for me personally and my direct reports. The Program provided us all with leadership style techniques we could apply when managing upwards, sidewards and downwards.

I can see real changes in the management team and have received positive feedback from our stakeholders in our management approach. Overall the leadership Program was excellent."
Group General Manager
Large Government Organisation

Why Work with wm consulting?

  • Trusted by major brands and industries throughout Australia and overseas
  • Customised programs tailored to your organisation’s unique needs
  • Focus on fostering authentic, human-centered leadership
  • A range of programs addressing different aspects of leadership

We understand that seeking leadership development can be a challenging decision.

At wm consulting, we prioritise honesty, transparency, and genuine human connections, ensuring that you and your team feel supported and empowered throughout the process.

Our approach, deeply rooted in psychology and neuroscience, is built around addressing key leadership challenges: enhancing emotional intelligence, creating a culture of trust and engagement within your team, and efficiently managing conflict.

Inspiring leaders are self-actualised individuals who are aware of their strengths, limitations and emotions, in addition to their technical knowledge.


Our Leadership Programs

  • Our team of experienced coaches and consultants are dedicated to your success
  • Flexible program formats, including in-person workshops, virtual sessions, and hybrid solutions
  • Ongoing support to ensure lasting, meaningful change within your organisation
  • Exclusive access to valuable resources and tools to support your team’s growth

Ignite the Leadership Program

Imagine a program that fast-tracks your leadership development, focusing not just on individual capabilities, but also on team dynamics and the heart of your organisation’s culture. Our approach fosters both emotional and intellectual learning, all within a nurturing and supportive environment.

Our program comprises practical workshops, hands-on activities, and one-on-one coaching sessions, all tailored to align with your organisation’s unique needs. We foster reflection, helping leaders to grasp their influence on team performance and to build a unified vision of what effective leadership looks like in your context.

Our program invites you to reconsider current practices and discover new strategies. Through this journey, you’ll learn to tap into your team’s hidden strengths, boosting performance consistently. More than just leading, you’ll acquire the skills to coach and inspire others, fostering a ripple effect of success throughout your organisation.


Elevate your self-awareness and emotional intelligence - integral steps towards enhancing your leadership effectiveness.


Explore diverse leadership models and understand their practical applications, enriching your leadership toolkit.


Recognise the influential role of leadership within your specific context, promoting more mindful decision-making.


Understand the significance of role modeling, inspiring potential in those around you.


Exhibit leadership capabilities and behaviours that resonate with your organisation's ethos, forging a stronger alignment with your team.


Build the skills to guide change effectively, from vision creation to successful execution.


Learn to adapt your leadership style to diverse situations, enhancing your responsiveness and versatility.


Perfect coaching techniques that facilitate constructive and effective performance feedback.


Improve your communication and active listening skills, fostering a more engaged and vibrant team dynamic.


Develop a personal action plan, linking your leadership growth directly with your desired business outcomes.


We’ve all been in leadership workshops and at some stage discussed and debated differences between leadership and management, so let’s set the record straight.
There is a gulf between our intention & actually carrying the action out.

Don't let your organisation's potential go untapped.

Contact wm consulting today to book your Leadership Development and High-Performance Teams program and experience the transformative power of effective leadership.