How Women Rise Leadership Program

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The How Women Rise Leadership Program is based on the best-selling book How Women Rise by Sally Helgesen and Marshall Goldsmith, which investigates the 12 habits that often hold women back in their careers.

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Program Objectives

  • Create a How Women Rise community advancing professional women.
  • Learn about the typical and less typical habits of women in the workplace, the
    gender-neutral habits, and the beliefs that underpin them.
  • Identify current habits, what is desirable and less desirable for the future.
  • Engage with case studies that typify the most prominent habits.
  • Recognise patterns of behaviour and understand the significance.
  • Transfer new insights into take away actions to ameliorate behaviour
  • Provide the tools and resources for women to become more intentional,
    connected, and present to move upwards in their careers and for male
    allies to understand and support the growth journey.

The How Women Rise Framework

2 Day Program Overview

Day 1
Day 2
Setting the scene and success frame
Reconnect success frame and recap
Concept of beliefs and extended habits
Cluster 4: Limiting Gravitas
The HWR Framework
Cluster 5: Failing to be present
Cluster 1: Undervaluing Intention
Goals, commitment, accountability – Personal Brand Plan
Cluster 2:Trying to Do It alone
Cluster 3: Derailing Influence
Public and Private promises
Wrap up Day 1
Wrap and next steps

Gain Insight. Rethink. Be Bold. Reach your full potential.

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