Psychometric Profiling

The key to adult development is self-awareness and the key to self-awareness is robust, credible information from objective and multi-perspective sources.

wm consulting utilises a number of diagnostics for building personal insights and organisational capability.

Our coaching assignments and leadership development programs often utilise psychometric profiling tools to provide an accurate picture of an individual’s capabilities and behaviours.

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LSI – The Life Styles Inventory by Human Synergistics is designed to promote constructive and transformational change. The feedback helps individuals to more clearly understand what is currently supporting and hindering their personal effectiveness. LSI provides guidance in developing more constructive styles of thinking and behaving, thereby facilitating change.  The GSI – Group Styles Inventory offers feedback on teams and the OCI  Organisational Culture Index offers insight into how your workforce is experiencing your current workplace culture.

HBDI – Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument illuminates thinking, learning and interaction preferences.

Gaining self-awareness about these preferences supports individual effectiveness and can facilitate greater team cohesion – a key component for high performing teams.

Everything DiSC Circular Model

DiSC is a powerful and easy to use profiling tool that looks at behavioural and social styles. DiSC works from the tenant ‘know yourself’ so that you can then best work with others. The tool provides data analysing a person’s workplace priorities and style preferences, and offers feedback regarding how the individual can build rapport and maximise personal influence.

As well as the classic DiSC personal profile, there is a range of options including a 360 Diagnostic; Teams; Sales; Management.

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AQ – Adversity Quotient is the most widely adopted instrument in the world for gauging how an individual responds to adversity. The AQ profile is designed to measure the central determinant of human resilience, capacity and effectiveness. It provides important insight into the sub-conscious, hard-wired pattern activated in the brain when responding to life’s events.

It will enable the individual to respond more quickly and effectively, making them more resilient and agile, even in the toughest circumstances.

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