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Transforming the Art of Leadership into the Science of Results Program

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We develop customised and bespoke leadership programs to suit the exact needs of organisations. Through our expertise and specialisation in organisational psychology and neuroscience, we have been able to transform the art of leadership into the science of results.

We are driven and passionate about helping leaders to perform to their fullest potential and with impact, cascading through to their people, culture and the organisation.

We enable those in leadership roles to navigate the practical dilemmas and paradoxes they face in a truly authentic way. We recognise that leadership roles are more demanding today than even just a decade ago.

Leaders need to be authentic and inspiring. The essence of authentic leadership is emotional intelligence.

Inspiring leaders are self-actualised individuals who are aware of their strengths, limitations and emotions, in addition to their technical knowledge.

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Inspiring leaders are self-actualised individuals who are aware of their strengths, limitations and emotions, in addition to their technical knowledge.

We integrate coaching into our leadership development programs.

We find that underneath all this is the fact that leadership, management, and behavioral work issues are often personal and private to each person. We all go through challenges at work, and often the biggest problem we have is self-awareness. Why, for example, did that meeting not go well? Was it me? Did I misunderstand that person’s question? Am I just stressed out? What can I do to improve next time?

In other words, leadership development is a personal journey, not just skills development. We are all leaders in some way, and sometimes we need someone to talk to about our own personal challenges at work. This is what coaching is all about.

Our coaches are trained and certified, most of them have held executive or senior positions, and they know how to ask questions, listen, and guide people to solutions. In a coaching session, you think, you’re challenged, and you get a chance to be vulnerable. We all need help with work, life, wellbeing, and balance.

Coaching can be personalized, self-directed, and developmental. Or it can be directed, strategic, and business-focused.

Ignite the Leadership Program

This leadership course will accelerate the development of leadership capabilities, behaviours and skills. We take into account that change must penetrate three levels of the organisation – the individuals, the teams and the organisation’s culture

We create a safe space for learning. We focus on both emotional and intellectual learning.

We’ve designed a series practical and experiential workshops, supplemented by individual coaching sessions with each participant. The number of days can be tailored and customised to the needs of the organization.

The Ignite the Leadership Program provides a key opportunity for Leaders to step outside their day -to-day activities and consider the bigger picture – to challenge the ways in which they are operating and leading their teams and to better understand the likely impact this is having on the effectiveness and performance outcomes of the group. A key outcome of these workshops is to establish a new “common language” and shared perspective on the key behaviours and attributes that drive outstanding leadership.

Essentially the program encourages, pushes and stretches leaders to collectively rethink current practices and consider new and different ways in which to drive higher performance consistently across the teams.

The aim of the program is to ensure that leaders use the skills of leadership and coaching to release the potential of others and thus achieve the desired results.

Learning Outcomes

Participants leave the program with:

  • A heightened self and leadership awareness. We work on the premise that the key success factor in performance improvement is leadership and the key success factor in leadership improvement is to be self aware; to have strong emotional intelligence
  • A working understanding of a range of leadership models and when and how to apply them
  • An understanding of what leadership means in a leadership context
  • An understanding of the importance of leadership role modelling to release the potential of others
  • A practical demonstration of the leadership capabilities and behaviours required to operate successfully within your organisation
  • The skills and motivation to be able to lead and manage change. Setting a compelling vision for change, getting others on board, working through implementation issues and successfully executing the key change initiatives
  • An understanding of which leadership styles to apply in different situations
  • Practical knowledge and skills to efficiently and effectively coach team members on how best to give and receive feedback on performance
  • Practical tools and models for effective communication, listening and coaching skills to lead and develop teams
  • The Knowledge to develop a personal plan to deliver desired business results.

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